Programming for kids

by Kris Findlay

title slide

Who Am I ?

Dont Talk about you too much

What is Scratch ?

Programing Learning Enviorment

Designed to enable Beginers to get results quickly

Syntacticallly Correct Code

While also alowing them to learn and playfully experiment


Lego Mindstorm

How does it look ?

talk about : Block catagories on Left Stage on top right Sprites on bottom right Script for each sprite Costumes Sounds

Building Building blocks

  • Motion
  • Control
  • Looks
  • Sensing
  • Sound
  • Operators
  • Pen
  • Variables

Link Diffrent Blocks Together

Forming scripts for Scene and the Sprites

Achive quite complex code

Sprites are placed on the stage

Adding script to sprites

Giving access to logic and movement

Sprites Can have Costumes

Can change outfits etc ..

Add Sounds

Upload and share

Connect hardware

Raspberyy Pi

Debian Linux image

Code Club

A nationwide Network of volunteers

App Inventor

Scratch For Android


BBC Coverage

Questions ?

Thanks for Listning

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