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2013 11 April : Scratch - Programming for kids

Scratch - The programing jigsaw language for kids learning to programming pre installed on deviant image on RaspberryPi and basis for app inventor for Android.

Allowing non programmers to learn and build there own apps and games.

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2013 28th March : Hovercraft flash talk

Hovercraft - an Alternative HTML slide deck system.

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Introduction to Raspberry Pi and GPIO from Kris Findlay

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Introduction to SSH from Robert McWilliam on Vimeo.

Kris Findlay presenting an introduction to SSH to The Open Society in Dundee.

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Interview @ Oggcamp 11 : Talking About Software Freedom Day and Experience of OggCamp 11

Interview @ Oggcamp 12 : Talking about changes in Our Software Society and Views on Oggcamp 12